Application for Business Account

Bring your entire firm under one banking infrastructure. We provide physical IBAN accounts for the end-users of the businesses to be able to transact and settle in real-time. The end-clients of the corporates benefit the same way as the other retail clientele of Dukascopy Bank SA.

Business Account for Fintech

A Mexican IT Specialist working for a Spanish Firm

* Optional, upon discussion

  • Fund and store home account with local currency
  • Avail benefits of the local institution
  • Move funds instantly to Dukascopy for purchases/savings abroad
  • Plastic card in local currency
  • Instant payment to Dukascopy Account Holders
  • Receive funds internationally from Employers and store funds in 22+ currencies
  • Avail all benefits of a Swiss Bank
  • Move foreign income to home institution instantly
  • Plastic VISA/MC in four foreign currencies
  • Instant payments to account holders of client' s home institution

Business Account for Digital Businesses

An IT Development Business

* Software, WEB Traffic, Consultation, etc

Business Account for Marketplaces

Marketplace for P2P clientele

* Dukascopy Bank acts as a payment method here, feel free to reach out if you plan to use Dukascopy Bank other than the scenarios provide here

  • Merchant account
  • Branded VISA cards
  • All banking needs under one roof