Entrepreneur Account

Entrepreneur Account at Dukascopy Bank

Simplify global payments for your small business. Freelancers can open a Swiss bank account for free of charge.

Access Your Account Anytime, Anywhere

24/7 account access via modern Internet Banking on web or mobile apps.

Customize Your Financial Ecosystem

Create multiple accounts in the same currency for personal and business use.

Expand Globally, Bank Locally

Engage with up to 22 currencies to expand your business.

Business and Personal, Deliberately Separate

Have separate accounts for business and personal use.

Unlock Competitive Currency Advantage

Benefit from competitive currency exchange rates.


Freelance Finance Mastery

Take charge of your freelance career with financial tools that empower you to achieve mastery in every aspect of your financial journey.

Instant Access, Immediate Transactions

Link a card to your account for immediate expenses.

Effortless Accounting Made Simple

Use a flexible Statement tool for accounting and tax reporting.

Personalized account labels

Rename accounts to suit their purpose.

Your Statements, Your Way

Download statements in PDF or CSV formats.

Banking at Your Fingertips

Experience the diversity of dynamic financial services via intuitive Dukascopy Connect 911 app. Enjoy secure and seamless Swiss-standard banking on-the-go.

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Step 1

Complete personal identification using our intuitive app.

Step 2

Opt for a 5-minute Biometric identification or a brief video call, available 24/7 and supported in 10 languages.


Currency Conversion

The best FX exchange conditions on the market.
Convert for as low as 0.1% above the interbank exchange rate.

You exchange


You get


Dukascopy Bank exchange rate 1.01063

Regular retail bank exchange rate 0.98365

* your bank rates may vary

You save up to 2.70 EUR

Access useful information

Explore common queries and find quick solutions to make the most of your banking experience.


Know Before You Transact

Make informed decisions by reviewing our detailed breakdown of fees. Discover how we keep your banking experience straightforward and predictable.