The Valued Clients Club is a special program for Dukascopy's most active and valuable customers. This lifetime membership is awarded to clients with the highest category of trust and grants unique perks and discounts for the Bank's products and services, improving nearly every aspect of the bank account.

The Valued Clients Club has three levels based on your account balance1:

Level MCA Balance Value Equivalent
Silver Member < USD 250,000
Gold Member USD 250,000 - USD 500,000
Platinum Member > USD 500,000

1The balance value will be evaluated based on an average daily balance for three months.


Becoming a member of the Valued Clients Club

To become a member of the Valued Clients Club:

Benefits for the Valued Clients Club

The benefits for the Valued Clients Club are the following:

Operation Silver Member Gold Member Platinum Member
Currency exchange 20% 优惠 35% 优惠 50% 优惠
Wire withdrawals 10% 优惠 15% 优惠 20% 优惠
P2P crypto-fiat conversion 20% 优惠 35% 优惠 50% 优惠
Partner crypto exchange transactions No discount 25% 优惠 50% 优惠
Withdrawal to blockchain2 20% 优惠 20% 优惠 20% 优惠
Card order 10% 优惠 10% 优惠 10% 优惠
MCA Investment 10% 优惠 10% 优惠 10% 优惠

2Applied to the fixed part of the commission for fiduciary services.

To take full advantage of this program, ask our customer support for more information on Valued Clients Club membership, benefits, and requirements.