Multi-Currency Account

Financial Freedom with Dukascopy Bank

Benefit from a Swiss Bank account with access to up to 22 currencies, international cards, cross-border payments, and competitive exchange rates.


Total accounts opened

Multi-Currency Swiss Account with Individual IBANs

Gain access to a Swiss bank account accommodating 22 currencies, each with its individual IBAN.

Swiss Grade Money Protection

Benefit from CHF 100,000 deposit insurance through the Swiss Banks` and Securities Dealers` Deposit Protection Association.

International and Local Payments

Benefit from efficient and automated international and local payments.

Diverse Choice of Investment Options

Choose from a wide range of investing types from Stocks, Indices, Bonds, Precious Metals and Commodities.

Visa/MasterCard Plastic and Virtual Cards

Enjoy the flexibility of having up to four active cards simultaneously.


Virtual Cards, Real Benefits

Dukascopy offers a flexible range of both virtual and plastic cards, available in multiple currencies with worldwide delivery, allowing customers to order up to four cards tailored to their preferences.

Flexible Card Choices

Select from virtual and plastic cards, catering to various needs.

Currency Options

Choose from EUR, USD, CHF, and GBP.

Card Variety

Order up to four cards, mixing virtual and plastic as per your preference.

Worldwide Delivery

Get your card delivered to over 150 countries.

Banking at Your Fingertips

Experience the diversity of dynamic financial services via intuitive Dukascopy Connect 911 app. Enjoy secure and seamless Swiss-standard banking on-the-go.

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Complete personal identification using our intuitive app.

Step 2

Opt for a 5-minute Biometric identification or a brief video call, available 24/7 and supported in 10 languages.


Easy video identification

Open an account in 5 minutes, with full approval within 24 hours for added security.

Open account

Download Dukascopy Connect 911 application

Fill in registration form

Pass the video identification with your passport or ID card

Receive notification about account approval

Manage your bank account via chat bot


Diverse Investment Opportunities

Dukascopy provides unrestricted investment opportunities across leading asset classes with a selection of financial instruments.

Start today

No Limits on Investments

Invest in stocks, indices, commodities, crypto and bonds without restrictions.

Full list of assets.

Broad Selection

Choose from over 1200 financial instruments.

Flexible Asset Management

Access liquidity by collateralizing your portfolio.

Round-the-Clock Trading

Buy/Sell anytime 24/7, and set up recurring investments.

Currency Conversion

The best FX exchange conditions on the market.
Convert for as low as 0.1% above the interbank exchange rate.

You exchange


You get


Dukascopy Bank exchange rate 1.01063

Regular retail bank exchange rate 0.98365

* your bank rates may vary

You save up to 2.70 EUR

Dukascopy Payment processing principles

The freedom and comfort in the use of the account is fully in your hands. Every MCA account has a quarterly limit that regulates the amount of incoming payments that will be processed automatically and quickly. If you exceed this threshold, the payments will require manual processing. The automation limit (quarterly incoming limit) directly depends on the degree of knowledge of Dukascopy Bank about you as a client. You can achieve maximum comfort in using your MCA account if you timely provide more information about yourself.

You can view and apply to increase your quarterly incoming limit in every Bank's app.

Provide more information, become a member of Valued Clients Club and get great loyalty benefits and discounts.


Swiss deposit insurance scheme

Client’s funds placed with Dukascopy Bank are protected the same way as in any Swiss bank.

The Esisuisse Association was formed in Basel in 2005 to meet the requirements of the Swiss Banking Act in implementing the Swiss deposit insurance scheme. All Swiss banks, Dukascopy Bank included, are members of Esisuisse. Esisuisse guarantees that it will cover protected deposits in case of its member`s failure for the amount of CHF 100,000. The protection is applied per client per institution. Multiple accounts within the same bank are added together but accounts in two different eligible banks are counted separately.