Multi-Currency Account

There are no opening and maintenance fees for a Multi-Currency Account.

Multi-Currency Account can be opened remotely worldwide 24/7 (except for a list of non-serviced countries) through a short video call with the Bank employee.

All you need to do is to follow the link, download the Dukascopy Connect 911 application, fill in registration form, prepare passport/ID with machine-readable zone (MRZ) and pass video identification.

The bank account opening is usually completed within several business days. You will receive a corresponding notification via SMS and email.

My account

Multi-Currency Account can be accessed using three different means:

Dukascopy uses two-factor authentication (2FA), which means that apart from the password you need to know an additional one-time code to access your account.

Click on Forgot? button in the login window , enter your phone number, email and follow the instructions.

Click on your name in the upper right corner and choose Change password. Type in the current password and choose a new one in line with security requirements.

Account limits

Operations with Multi-Currency Account are regulated by two limits:

  • Incoming quarterly limit
  • Limit on total balance

Incoming quarterly limit defines the maximum amount of funds that can be deposited on your Multi-Currency Account within a quarter. The limit is not applied to transfers between your accounts within Dukascopy Group.

The size of the limit is determined at the stage of account opening based on two factors: (a) country of your residence and (b) your occupation status.

The limit is reset at the beginning of each new quarter: 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October.

Please note that the limit can be equally reached by one large transaction or by multiple small transactions.

Limit on account balance defines the maximum amount of funds that can be kept on your account at a time.

The size of the limit by default is set to USD 50'000.

To increase one or both limits you need to send us a corresponding request via chat or email.

The incoming quarterly limit can be increased upon condition that you manage to prove your verified monthly income. In this case the size of the limit will be equal to 450% of your verified monthly income.

The limit on account balance can be increased upon condition that you manage to prove that you can place the requested sum on your account. In this case the size of the limit can be increased up to USD 100'000.

If you use web application, click on your name in the upper right corner and select Your Account Limits.

If you use the Swiss Bank mobile application, click on burger menu in the upper left corner and select Limits.

If you use the Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application, click on Bank, press on plus sign in the bottom left corner and choose the Account Limits.

Payment operations

The funds can be deposited to / withdrawn from your Multi-Currency Account using multiple payment methods:

  • Ordinary bank transfer
  • Transfer from your personal payment card
  • Transfer from a payment card linked to your account
  • Transfer from your Dukascopy card
  • Transfer from your Skrill account
  • Transfer from your Neteller account

Wire transfers, usually, are processed within several business days depending on the country of your bank.

Payments through linked card and Dukascopy card are executed instantly.

The same applies for operations through Skrill and Neteller unless they have triggered the incoming quarterly limit.

The Multi-Currency Account holder can make wire transfers to / from third party bank accounts. Please note that in order to approve such transfer the compliance department might ask you to provide additional information.

The fee schedule for Multi-Currency Account can be found here.

Internal transfers

Multi-Currency Account holders can make two types of internal transfers:

  • instant money transfer to other Multi-Currency Account holder using his phone number as a pointer
  • money transfer to my other accounts with Dukascopy Bank (e.g. current, trading, binary, etc.)

If you use web application, select Send money section.

If you use the Swiss Bank mobile application, click on Send button on Accounts page.

If you use the Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application, click on Bank, press on plus sign in the bottom left corner and choose the Send money.

To make instant money transfer you just need to know other Multi-Currency Account holder's phone number. The transaction is processed instantly and does not trigger the incoming limit.

Please note that there is an option to protect such money transfer with a code that should be created by the sender and communicated to the recipient. Unless the recipient enters the security code, the transaction will remain in pending status.

Currently, this option is available in web application only.

To transfer funds to your other accounts with Dukascopy Bank (e.g. trading, binary, current, etc.) you need to find Other accounts section at the bottom of the Home page. Then move your mouse to one of the accounts and click on Internal transfer. After that choose debit (from) and credit (to) accounts respectively.

Transfers to trading account with Dukascopy Europe should be executed as an ordinary wire withdrawal.

In the opened Bank transfer form:

  • IBAN or Account number field should be filled with Dukascopy Europe’s IBAN
  • BIC/SWIFT field should be filled with Dukascopy Europe’s BIC/SWIFT
  • Personal/Billing information section should be filled with Dukascopy Europe’s name and address
  • Payment description field should be filled with your name, account and sub-account number (e.g. John Johnson, 1032256.0201USD)

Linked cards

To transfer funds to / from a payment card each time you will be required to fill in the form with card details. To ease and fasten this operation you have an opportunity to link payment card to your Multi-Currency Account. Once this is done, you will be able to make one-click transfers to / from the chosen card.

If you use web application, select Cards and press on Connect new card.

If you use the Swiss Bank mobile application, go to Cards, tap on Linked and then press on plus sign in the upper right corner.

If you use the Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application, click on Bank, press on plus sign in the bottom left corner, select Card operations and choose Link card.

Fill in the card's details in the mandatory fields and click Proceed.

After you have added the card to your Multi-Currency Account, it needs to be verified. In other words, Dukascopy needs to make sure that you are the genuine cardholder.

To prove that you need to access your card issuer’s e-bank, open bank statement and find a reservation made by Dukascopy. After that you need to return to web or mobile application, select the corresponding card and enter charged amount or the five-digit code. The charge will be refunded to your bank account.

Once this is done (provided that the card has also passed additional internal verification conducted by the compliance department) the status of your card will be changed to Active and it will be ready for use.

Generally, there are three reasons why a card cannot be linked to your Multi-Currency Account:

  • Insufficient funds (Dukascopy will reserve up to 2 EUR on your card)
  • Wrong verification code (Please double check the charged amount or the five-digit code)
  • This feature is not supported by your card issuer

Dukascopy cards

Card order

Dukascopy card is a virtual and plastic Visa / Mastercard contactless card available for order in one of four major currencies - American Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, and Swiss Francs.

Virtual cards represent the same functionality and the level of security as plastic ones except that they are not physically produced. Primarily, virtual cards are designed to ease and fasten online payments. On the other hand, possibility to link virtual cards to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay makes them a full substitute of plastic cards that compared to the latter is more difficult to be lost or stolen.

If you use web application, go to Cards section and press on Issue old prepaid card.

If you use Dukascopy Connect mobile application, press on Bank, then press on plus sign in the lower left corner, select Card operations and choose Order card.

If you use Swiss Bank mobile application, go to Cards section and press on plus sign in the upper right corner.

You can order one virtual / plastic card in each of the presented currencies (American Dollars, British Pounds, Euros and Swiss Francs) of each card brand (Visa and Mastercard).

No, the card can be ordered by any Multi-Currency Account holder except for residents of the following countries:

Afghanistan, American Samoa, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Canada, Central African Republic, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of Yemen, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guam, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Heard & McDonald Islands, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Japan, Lebanon, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nauru, Niue Islands, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Palestine, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, Samoa, San Marino, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Vatican, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Uganda, United States of America, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

The delivery time of the card depends on the country of your residence. Usually, the card delivery takes several weeks.

If you want the card to be delivered to address other that the one indicated in your MCA account, log in to web application, go to Cards section, press on Issue new prepaid card and in beige box edit the address.

Please note that the address can be adjusted only within your country of residence. If you want the card to be delivered to another country, please contact us additionally indicating the reason of delivery address change.

Unfortunately, this option is not available at the moment.

The card will be sent by registered letter with delivery performed by Swiss Post. Depending on the destination country, the letter might be delivered to you by a postman directly, or you will be required to receive it in your local post office.

If you want to receive a card delivery tracking number, please send us the corresponding request via chat or email.

Activation and use

If you use web application, go to Cards section, select the card you have ordered and then press Activate.

If you use the Swiss Bank mobile application, go to Cards section, select the ordered card and then press Activate.

If you use the Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application, press on Bank, then press on plus sign in the lower left corner, select Card operations and choose the ordered card.

Afterwards, enter 4-digit activation code (digits 9-12 on the card) in the popup window to active the card. You will receive an SMS with 6-digit PIN code within a minute.

Please note that depending on the country and mobile operator the SMS with a PIN code may not arrive on the first try. In this case, please log in to the web application, go to Cards section, select the card and press Resend PIN. If the problem still persists, please contact us via chat or email.

You can find more detailed information here.

You can make online and in store purchases anywhere you see the Visa or Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

All applicable card fees can be found here.

While Dukascopy cards can be unloaded in different ways, including ATMs, replenishment of the card is accepted from MCA account only.

At first, check whether your country is on the list that supports Apple Pay.

Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and then press on plus sign in the upper right corner and scan the card. Follow the instructions and fill in all required information.

After that, enter a security code which will be sent to your phone as an SMS or call to a number which would appear on the screen on the last step.

Open the Samsung Pay app on your phone, enter Menu, select Cards, choose Add cards and follow the instructions.

Dukascopy card can be linked to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay only (services like Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Swatchpay etc. are not supported).

Yes, the plastic card allows you to make contactless payments.

Please note that the daily limit may vary from country to country and in some exceptional cases, depending from the terminals and merchants, the PIN code might be requested in any case.

Yes, Dukascopy card complies with 3-D Secure, as an additional layer of security during the processing of online payments.

In order to make a 3-D Secure payment two conditions must be met:

  • Merchant must use Visa Secure / Mastercard Identity Check ™ services
  • You need to receive from the card issuer (Cornèrcard) a six-digit verification code sent to your mobile phone via SMS and enter it into the payment form

In case you do not receive SMS please contact card issuer's Help Line 24h at +41 91 800 41 41

If you use web application, go to Cards section and select the corresponding card.

If you use Dukascopy Connect mobile application, press on Bank, then press on plus sign in the lower left corner, select Card operations and choose Histrory.

If you use Swiss Bank mobile application, go to Cards section and select the corresponding card.

* For the moment, card statement can be downloaded in web application only. By default, the card statement shows incoming and outcoming transactions for the last thirty days. If you want to download statement for other period, set up the filters accordingly and press on Card statement.


Yes, you have an opportunity to change your six-digit PIN code in an ATM provided that it is located in Switzerland. This option is unavailable in other countries.

To ensure that an unauthorized person will not get access to funds on the card, log in to web or mobile application, find the corresponding card and select the Temporary block card function.

When the card is disabled, it is only possible to withdraw funds to your MCA account. You also have an option to unblock the card, or block it permanently.

To block the card permanently please contact us. It is only possible to re-order a new card in the same currency when your current card is permanently blocked.

If you want to permanently block the card, please send us the corresponding request via chat or email.

Common issues

Card delivery is performed by the postal service. Depending on the rules of post service of the corresponding destination country the letter with the card can be delivered directly to the address you have indicated or left at your local post office.

For Europe, card delivery usually takes up to ten days while for other regions the time of delivery can vary from two to four weeks. To better monitor the status of delivery, please request tracking number by sending us a corresponding request via chat or email.

If one of these situations occurs, please check the following factors and try again:

  • Is the mobile phone number correct? (to be checked in MCA web or mobile application)
  • Has the mobile phone enough storage memory?
  • Are SPAM filters switched off?
  • Is the flight modality switched off?
  • Is the phone allowed to receive international SMS?
  • Is your SIM-card prepaid? If this is the case do you have enough availability in order to get SMS from abroad?

If the problem still persists, please send us the corresponding request via chat or email by additionally indicating your mobile phone type as well as name and country of your phone provider.

Whenever you make a purchase, the merchant sends an authorization request to card issuer to debit your card. In several cases card issuer is rightful to refuse to authorize the transaction, for instance, if the area of activity of a merchant is not honoured (e.g replenishment of e-wallets or gambling) or merchant is established in a black-listed country. Sometimes an authorization request is being declined by international payment system (Visa, Mastercard and others) if the card had triggered their anti-fraud checks.

Each card transaction is processed in two steps: authorization plus clearing and settlement.

At first, merchant asks card issuer whether the card in question is valid to pay for the purchase. Card issuer check status, balance and expiry date of the card and, if everything is correct, reserves corresponding amount. This action is called authorization. If this step is completed, transaction will be assigned pending status.

After a few days, merchant prepares a bill and sends it to card issuer which debits previously reserved amount from your card and transfers it to the merchant. If card issuer does not receive a bill upon defined time period or it is received in an incorrect format, it will cancel authorization. This action is called clearing and settlement. Depending on the outcome, transaction status will updated either to completed, or declined.

So, if transaction is still pending there is a need to wait until transaction will be assigned a final status. Please note that each bank has its own time period for funds reservation (up to a month).

Quasi Cash transactions generally stand for a product or item that is representative of actual cash (such as traveler’s checks, foreign currency, casino chips etc.). Usually, transactions associated with betting and gambling are classified as quasi-cash. Please note that additional fee is applied to transactions falling under this category.

First of all, there might be several reasons why an ATM captured a card.

The card itself can be demagnetized, damaged, or unreadable. Alternatively, bank issuer can provisionally block the card if actions carried out on the card seemed to be suspicious.

In the meantime, an ATM can block the card if you exceeded the number of allowed attempts to enter a PIN code. Furthermore, a technical error on an ATM side can also be the reason of card block.

In some of these cases an ATM can print a cheque with a code that can be subsequently used to try to claim the card back. However, in the majority of cases there is no way other than to order a new card.

Due to technical reasons, a case might occur when ATM had refused to authorize cash withdrawal, yet the balance on the card was reduced.

To check whether the money were actually debited from the card, please monitor the status of the corresponding transaction until it changes from pending either to declined, or completed (please note that the process is automatized and might take from several days to two weeks).

If transaction was declined the money should be available again. If transaction was completed, please contact us to file an official claim in the name of the card issuer that will take steps to charge the money from ATM's bank back (this procedure might take up to forty five days).

For security reasons your card will be temporarily blocked if the PIN was entered incorrectly three times. To re-activate your card please send us the corresponding request via chat or email.

Payment service providers

Skrill is a payment and money transfer system with a focus on low-cost international money transfers.

Neteller is also a payment system mainly used to transfer money to and from merchants.

In order to allow transferring funds between Multi-Currency Account and Skrill / Neteller, Dukascopy needs to be sure that both accounts belong to the same person. In case some data do not match, Dukascopy will contact you via email and ask for additional clarifications. Until Dukascopy finishes verification, transfers between Multi-Currency Account and Skrill / Neteller will be temporary disabled.

Dukascopy allows transferring funds only to one verified Skrill / Neteller account. In case you entered the wrong email address, please contact our support team.

Partner accounts

Apart from the acquisition of CFD contracts on the most popular cryptocurrencies, Multi-Currency Account holders have an opportunity to purchase blockchain-based crypto assets on several recognized crypto exchanges that have passed due diligence and integrated with Dukascopy Bank.

The main benefit is that during operations with cryptoassets the fiat funds will be always held in the safe custody of a regulated Swiss bank, i.e. your Multi-Currency Account.

Swiss Crypto Exchange ("SCX") is a regulated exchange platform for crypto currencies and blockchain products, based in Zurich, Switzerland. SCX offers the trading of Bitcoin, Ether and selected payment and utility tokens. The platform is SRO/VQF regulated and aims to provide safe, high quality and transparent access to these products. SCX contributes to standardization, legitimacy and transparency in accordance with Swiss quality and safety criteria.

ZBX is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Malta, operating out of a regulated environment for individual and institutional traders. ZB.com expands its European operation with ZBX exchange. ZB.com has been a world top three exchange with $300-700M in traded volume per 24 hours. ZB.com will ensure the security with its technology and know-how experience of running one of the world largest crypto currency exchanges. The exchange is currently applying for a license to be able to list Security Tokens. The founding team of ZBX has broad and intensive experiences in traditional financial services, IT and the cryptocurrency sector. ZBX’s core team is located in Malta, Switzerland, Sweden, and China.

To start trading you need to open a Multi-Currency Account with Dukascopy Bank and an account with one of the recognized crypto exchanges.

Once this is done, you need to link your account with a partner crypto exchange with your Multi-Currency Account:

  • Visit the partner exchanges website, sign-up and approve your account
  • Log in to the exchange’s platform and choose to link your Dukascopy account
  • Authorize with your Dukascopy credentials
  • Sign the Power of Attorney agreement
After that two new (EUR and CHF) sub-accounts will be added to your Multi-Currency Account. You can find them on Home page under the Partner Accounts section.

These sub-accounts will be used solely for buying and selling cryptoassets on the exchange.

Before start buying and selling cryptoassets you need to transfer some funds on your account with one of the chosen crypto exchanges:

  • Make sure you have necessary amount of funds on your Multi-Currency Account
  • Open crypto exchange's platform, open the Dukascopy funding section, choose Add funds option
  • Authorize with your Dukascopy credentials
  • Select a debit account (an account from which you want to transfer funds) and credit account (one of the Partner accounts to which funds will be transferred), type in the amount and click Continue

After transaction is completed you can return to the exchange's platform and see updated balance of the chosen Partner account.

After you (a) have linked your account with one of the recognized crypto exchanges with your Multi-Currency Account with Dukascopy Bank and (b) have topped up an account with one of the recognized crypto exchanges, you can start buying and selling cryptoassets:

  • Log in to the crypto exchange's platform
  • Navigate to the section where buying and selling crypto for fiat is offered
  • Select Dukascopy Bank among the available payment methods

The transaction will be processed instantly using the funds stored on one of your Partner accounts.


Apart from hold, exchange and transfer of fiat currencies, Multi-Currency Account holder is given an opportunity to invest in financial instruments on: precious metals, commodities, indices and cryptocurrency.

No, because operation presupposes acquisition of a CFD contract with maximum leverage 1 to 1. Contract details can be found here.

A contract for differences (CFD) is one of the types of financial instrument in the form of agreement between investor and instrument provider to compensate each other the difference in the price of an underlying asset.

Owning a CFD allows investor to get all benefits and share all risks of a security without actually owning it. Moreover, CFDs provide higher leverage than conventional trading and allows its owner to receive cash dividends.

Before proceeding to the purchase you need to agree to the brochure on Special Risks in Securities Trading and Bitcoin legal arrangement and choose reference currency.

This is a single pre-selected fiat currency, in which all operations with investment instruments have to be conducted. In addition to that, the report with liquidation value of all assets, its pre-payment amount and accumulated profit or loss will also be shown in that currency. All related operations (dividends, interests, compensations) should be paid in that currency as well.

Investment reference currency can be changed at any time. However, to do that you need to sell all assets first and only then select new reference currency.

You can either sell them in due time to earn profits or send to other Multi-Currency Account holder.

P/L for each particular operation is calculated as (Open price - Close price) * Quantity

Multi-Currency Account holders under the age of 16 are not eligible to acquire or receive investment instruments.

A standard commission of 1% for the purchase and sale of investment instruments is applied.

If you hold assets, custody fee will be debited at the end of each month based on the on the following formula: (sum of end-of-day investment account balances / 360) * 1%

If transactions on the account (e.g. withdrawals) would not let sufficient funds to cover accrued Custody fees, the latter becomes payable and are charged immediately.

If you sold indices a day before ex-dividend date, at ex-dividend date or continue to hold them on the balance after the ex-dividend date, you are entitled to receive dividends.

The amount of dividends is calculated as Amount in contracts * Long points. The first multiplier should be taken at ex-dividend date - 1 day. The second multiplier can be found in this calendar.

Dividends should be deposited on your account at ex-dividend date + 1 day.

Account statement

Account statement represents a summary of transactions which have occurred over a chosen period of time on specific bank account.

If you use web application, select the Statement section.

If you use the Swiss bank mobile application, click on any of the available sub-accounts in the Accounts section.

If you use Dukascopy Connect mobile application, press on Bank, then press on plus sign in the lower left corner, select Account operations, then Show all accounts and select any of the existing sub-accounts.

History section contains a list of all operations made by the account holder and arranged chronologically while statement allows to see a list of transactions on the specific currency account.

Apart from that, account statement calculates and shows opening and closing balances as well as debit and credit turnovers even if they are equal to zero.

All information contained in account statement can be downloaded in .pdf and .csv formats.

Dukascopy Connect 911

Dukascopy Connect 911 is a messenger that enables numerous people around the world to chat, make calls, ask each other questions and participate in various challenges from their friends.

You can download the app from the App store and Google play.

Once you have authorized yourself in the app we recommend you to open a Multi-Currency Account, where you will receive rewards for participation in challenges and answers to questions from other users.

To open Multi-Currency Account click on the Bank section and follow instructions (complete registration form and pass video-identification).

In order to start using a Multi-Currency Account, you need to get an SMS and email with the activation link. The SMS and email are sent once the compliance department verifies your data and approves an account opening.

The verification (from the moment you passed video-identification) usually takes several business days.

Please do not repeatedly fill the registration form.

To read General terms and terms of use, select Chat section, press on 911 in the top right corner and then click on the ⓘ button. Alternatively, you can follow a direct link.

To find your promo code go to Settings and click on Referral Program. Copy the referral code and start sharing it with your friends.

If you wish to participate in contests, you can get a promo code directly from social media where the person announcing the contest publishes it.

Please note that promo code will become available only if you open a Multi-Currency Account.

More information can be found here.

The promo code should be entered in a pop-up window that will appear during the first authorization in the application.

Please note that this window will appear only in case if the app was downloaded to the device for the first time.

In order to receive a referral program reward, the referred person needs to enter a referral code during first authorization in the app.

However, in order to access the earned reward both referrer and referred person must open a Multi-Currency Account.

Dukascopy Connect 911 offers its users an opportunity to ask original questions on any topic of interest and receive creative and funny answers from the community.

In order to ask a question select Chat section, click on 911 button in the top right corner, press on Ask new question and follow instructions.

At first, go to Settings section and make sure that the Social button is enabled. If the problem still persists, logout from the application, close it and then log in again.

Private question allows you to receive up to seven different answers while the number of answers for public questions is unlimited. However, the latter option obliges you to offer a monetary reward that will be charged from your Multi-Currency Account.

If you see a user with a red crown on his avatar, it simply means that this person is Miss Dukascopy 2019 contest participant. If you wish to join the contest with a prize fund of EUR 300,000, following the link.

If somebody has complained about you for spam or inappropriate answer, there will be a toad in your avatar during the next hour. After that, it will be automatically removed. Each new complaint will be reflected in your statistics.

The app gives you an opportunity to send other users to jail for one day for EUR 1. In order to do that, simply click on user`s avatar and press on Send to jail.

Please note that the potential detainee needs to have a Multi-Currency Account.

If you find yourself in the jail, you will have two options available: either to bail out for 1 EUR and get free or wait until the end of the sentence, i.e. one day.

In order to bail yourself out, you need to have a Multi-Currency Account.

Unfortunately, this is impossible. Dukascopy is not responsible for premature decisions made by users and does not make refunds.

If moderators blocked your account, it means you have violated some of the community rules. If you do not agree with moderators` decision, send us a complaint via chat or email.

Please note that the ultimate decision is up to the Dukascopy Bank. In case the bank sees in your action serious violation of the community rules, it might permanently block the account and close a Multi-Currency Account.

If you want to get rid of your account, you simply need to delete the app. After 30 days, your account will be deactivated. During this period, you have an opportunity to restore your account by downloading the app again.

To close your Multi-Currency Account, please send us the corresponding request via chat or email.

Due to regulatory restrictions, customers from Brazil, Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are offered an alternative version of the application that does not contain social features, such as referral program, paid questions and others.


To access your Multi-Currency Account you need to go through a two-step authentication, which consists of entering a password and security code.

Under no circumstance Dukascopy Bank employee or any other person can ask you disclose your password and security code.

A similar rule applies when you try to link payment card to your Multi-Currency Account. In certain circumstances Dukascopy Bank might ask you to a send photo of the card to make sure that you are the genuine cardholder.

However, the only data that Dukascopy Bank has a right to ask is (a) the first and last four digits of the card number and (b) name on the card.

Under no circumstance Dukascopy Bank employee or any other person can ask you to disclose your full card number and CVV/CVC code..

If a person contacts you (under any pretext) either in the Dukascopy Connect 911 mobile application or in any other external resource and asks to tell / send him your password, security code or card data, let us know about this case immediately.